Kiwanis - Serving the Children of the World
Serving the Children of the World

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General Rules


Syllabus Ajudicator Tentative Dates
Dance Joseph Dance Feb 8-12
Piano Lily Piano Feb xx-xx
Instrumental   Feb xx-xx
Strings   Mar xx-xx
Vocal   Mar xx-xx
    Mar xx-xx


General Registration      On-line Link  Paper Form

Dance Registration     On-Line Link   Paper Form

Registration can be done on line or by completing the paper form(s). 


Payment can be made by:

1. Cheques mailed to Kiwanis Festival, PO  1039, Pembroke ON  KXXXXXXX inclosing entry form(S) or if registering on line please indicate the entires the payment are for and the date the entries were made on line.

2. Interact e-transfer to, please indicate in the email the names of entires who the payment is for and the date the on-line entries were made. Use password "Kiwanis"